BIM – Studio Cattivelli

North entrance of Aosta’s University – Construction project and BIM
21 December 2020

Scai Tech


Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (Inventor-Robot-Revit) con applicativi al BIM

The Scai Tech/Cattivelli Fausto engineering studio, is aimed at the newest techniques and processes about the project management, intended to the clients’ services and to the project and productive cycle’s optimisation. Other than that, it is focused on the innovations deployed by the international setters, where Italy includes itself with the approval of the DM 560 (1/12/2017), that is the implementing of the Article 23, subsection 13 of the Public Procurement Code.
The BIM decree, defines the modalities and the timings of progressive introduction, from the contracting authorities, granting administrations and economic operators; it defines the obligation of the methods and of the specific electronic instruments, that are those about construction and infrastructures’ modelling , in project’s step, in construction’s step, and in the management works’ step with the relevant verifications.
Also, the Private Employers are adapting to the use of this instrument, especially for the Public Use.

The Scai Tech Studio started to use this new procedure that born from the need for managing, efficiently and successfully, the exchange of information through the entire work’s lifetime, using a significant passage to the digitisation of all the information produced; particularly adopting the completed BIM information, that are:
-Building Information Model: 3D building’s representation, based on objects with their information about their intrinsic properties.
-Building Information Modelling: a group of technologies and processes turned to the creation of a Model which contains all of the building’s information.
-Building Information Management: complete management of the information during the building’s lifetime.

With the programs used from Studio Cattivelli in this moment, the several main steps of the digital managing are already implemented:
- 3D modelling project
- Development time/project’s production
- Costs/estimate of the work
- Sustainability/energy’s analysis
- Facility management/maintenance/building’s rooms management
- Lifetime work’s management

Studio Cattivelli started to apply “BIM” in average amounts for taking the opportunities of the Market’s short-term, using Revit 2019 as the reference program, extending the structure’s details possibilities through the workflow provided from other applications, as Inventor and Robot.