Hotel Savoja – Rimini (Italy)

Museion – Bolzen (Italy)
4 May 2019
De’ Longhi headquarters in Treviso
21 December 2020

Hotel Savoja, Rimini


Paolo Portoghesi


Berti SCL

Facade builder:

Berti SCL, Venezia

The Hotel Savoja (situated in Rimini – Italy) hall’s covering, is an ellipsoidal dome in a double network of ropes and separator struts.
For the energy’s control, a chamber glass has been inserted with an external reflecting layer, characterized by strong thicknesses, for guaranteeing a path for the people that have to work on maintenance.

The perimeter form, has required an accurate 3D study for the verification of the ropes’ intersection and of the constraint’s details; this is necessary to allow a correct installation and an architectural uniformity using high-performance finishing.
To fix the covering’s glass slabs, it has used a pointed method, and it is possible through the technique of “supports on the borders”, in this way the drilling of the internal backgrounds is not required.