Ospedale del Bambino (Children Hospital) – Parma

Museion (Cladding) – Bolzen
4 May 2019
MSC Naval coverings – Metalsigma
4 May 2019

Azienda Ospedaliero – Universitaria di Parma


Policreo srl / OBR - Open Building Research


Coopsette Scarl / Azienda Ospedaliero - Parma

Facade Builder:

Coopsette Scarl, Castelnovo di Sotto (RE)

The new “Pietro Barilla” hospital for children in Parma (Italy), is characterized by an innovative, independent and functional hospital organism. It’s sited in the most extended hospital complex in the Parma’s city.
The OBR designers say: “the project is the result of an union between the medical process efficiencies and the human standards of the health architecture. This is studied for making the environmental conducts as an active role in the therapies; this is also the reason because it has paid a particular attention to the psychological perception of the space and, so, the project’s points to guarantee the humanization are: the orientation, the illumination, the mobility, the relational confidence, the reassurance, the privacy and the socialization.
The environmental and micro-climatic traits, as the thermal wellness in the several areas, are guaranteed by the building’s position and by the new and technological solutions, which are strongly integrated to the system planning.
The building is characterized by a first high performance “skin” and by a second “skin”. Together they regulate the interior and exterior climatic interaction; also, they amount to be the most important element of the new children hospital in the urban context.
The façade system is made by a perimeter profile with an high efficient thermal isolation (passive performances), with glazing fixtures in thermal cut-style and an external shell realized by vertical parts in tempered and stratified glass, with particular traits of emanated protection.

The architectural project of the building has been completed by a specific project of furniture and finishing. This project has been inspired by environmental psychological and humanization.”

The Studio Cattivelli’s consultation has been oriented to:
- Façade static calculations; double-skin composed by internal skin in 50 and 60 Metra Poliedra façade maintenance boardwalks, and external skin with aluminium drawing frames for inserting the glasses (in a “chessboard” style) on two different levels of about 25 centimetres and the reflective stratified fall arrester insert.
- Static calculations and the calculations for the aired facades coverings realized by an external thermal insulation composite system in Celenit, vapour barrier, and the external vestment in Meteon TS 700 Trespa panels fixed to a light and metal substructure. The Meteon TS 700 Trespa panel is a special composite (12 millimetres thick and very strong against the bad weather) realized by a composite of wood fibers and cellulose, compact and covered by an urethane-acrylic resin; the finishing is in several colours. The Meteon TS 700 aired façade system, is covered by a Technical Notice issued by the CSTB French Acency.
- The building project of the different façade’s systems and the double-skin façade at the entry with the external façade in glass, pointed fixed in the perimeter using pince-nez fixtures (by Teleya production).
- The durability’s controls implementation of the façade systems for the static (from the direct request of the contract development).