Campania Shopping Centre – Caserta

Fater – Pescara (Italy)
4 May 2019
Bar Branca – Milan
4 May 2019

Interporto Sud Europa SpA, Maddaloni (CE)


Ferdinando Iodice


Mero Italiana


Mero Italiana SpA, Verona

The shopping centre named “Campania”, sited in the south of Caserta (Italy), is made by several glazed domes with metallic structures in different forms; some of these have an elliptic base and the others have a circular base, variable shaped and sized (from 20 to 50 metres) all realized with Mero’s systems.
Studio Cattivelli has taken part to the structural lens that develop in series along the surface; they are in variable dimensions from the centre to the borders.
The structural lens are realized by superior compressed calendared tubes, by inferior tensioners in traction and by middle struts. A series of purlins in “ogive” form positioned along the longitudinal dimension.
The glasses are in insulating glass type and they have the solar control with structural glazing realized with the Mero’s specific system.

To guarantee the evacuation of the fumes and the natural ventilation, openable parts are inserted into the covering’s architectural whole, and they are automated and well integrated.
The special space-related junctions (into the several covering’s shapes) require the use of techniques directly related to the space-related structures, from the general models of the drawings and calculations, to the special techniques of production which have realized special: calendaring, shapes, junctions and welds along complicated lines.
Particularly important is the laying process for the maintaining of the lower tolerances in relation to complicated space-related shapes of the junctions, so different to each other. The external surfaces, that have flat glasses, have been modelled many times for obtaining junctions which can simulate the theorical ellipsoidal form.