ACCRA One Airport Square – Ghana

Banque Générale du Luxembourg
4 May 2019

Actis Boston Tower Development Limited


Mario Cucinella Architects Srl + Deweger Gruter Brown e Partners


Mario Cucinella Architects srl, Bologna

Structural project:

Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura, Modena

Studio Cattivelli has supported the internal and the external facades project and the glass and aluminium covering’s project, choosing the systems and the constructive technologies.
Mario Cucinella Architect says:
“The building has a pattern which creates 2 effects at the same time:
- The truck of a palm (a very present tree in this area, and its argyles are so similar to its leaves’ entanglement).
- The traditional architecture of the ground huts, in the countryside, which have elements that remand to the geometry theme, just like in the local “Kente” tissue, with its changing triangles.

So, the idea was to realize a building where Ghanaians may recognize something of their culture, against the constant internalisation in each part of the world.”

The “bump style” floors and the irregular structure born from 2 considerations:
- First: the movements produce a shading effect in each floor, so the building needs less energy and less solar irradiance. In fact, in these areas it is typical having a vertical sun all day long.
- Second: creating a bearing structure that can be also an aesthetic structure.