Chiesi Farmaceutica – Parma

MSC Naval coverings – Metalsigma
4 May 2019

Chiesi Farmaceutica, Parma


Progetto CMR, Milano


Ponzi Srl, Bagnara (RA)

Cladding builder:

Ponzi srl e Marazzi Ceramica

The belt frames architectural project is made with sunshade intradoses, in collaboration with Marazzi’s specialists. Chiesi Farmaceutici (Parma – Italy) works for the building’s production with the new department “Curoserf”.
The Studio Cattivelli’s assignment is the aired façade project, realized with the use of the Marazzi’s ceramic (belt infixes equipped with sunshade intradoses)..
The aired façade system is the most efficient covering technology for the external building parts. It is used against the atmospheric agents and against the humidity. It’s also used for the thermal and acoustic isolation.
Marazzi engineering can provide the aired facades immediately and it can use his technical staff, his experience, his projects and resources, for solving every client’s problem: from the general project to the executive one; from the direct production of the components to the use of them, also helping directly in the building site. It can solve every aesthetic, technical or functional problem.

Differently from the common solutions (as the layer of isolation positioned on the interior wall’s side or in cavities realized in the walls), the aired façade system assures the best thermal and hygro performances, without disturbing the interior life in the building and without compromising the interior finishing.
The aired façade is an evolution of the external traditional insulation systems. This system improves the performances and erases the detriments (the neglect of the external vestment, the few breathability of the wall, the absence of aeration in the insulating layer).
The strong increase of the energy saving and the improvement of the housing well-being, (especially in this time, where the universal attention is addressed to an efficient and responsible use of the energy sources) are the most important reasons for its intensive use.