MSC Naval coverings – Metalsigma

Museion (Cladding) – Bolzen
4 May 2019
Chiesi Farmaceutica – Parma
4 May 2019

MSC Crociere


Metalsigma Tunesi S.p.a.

Fixtures and glasses builder:

Metalsigma Tunesi di Arluno

The Studio Cattivelli has collaborated in the constructive project of the fixtures and the glasses in some cruise ships; this works are been selected from Metalsigma Tunesi Society (employing the rules and the norms relating to the Naval Market Construction); in particular assessing the environmental special conditions of the wind load (2,5 KN/m2) of the external facades. This has happened with a particular attention to the Bridge’s facades; to the windbreaks of the bridges; and to the sliding doors of the cabins with external fixed façades and terraces.