Scai Tech Glass – Studio Cattivelli

Scai Tech System – Studio Cattivelli
4 May 2019
Polo Universitario (University) – Aosta (Italy)
4 May 2019

Ing. Fausto Cattivelli



This is an innovative patented system for the vertical elements fixing, using plates in “L” form. They are in chemically tempered and extra-clear glass, 15 millimetres thick, and obtained from fusion.
The absolute transparency’s technology, finds its best application in the protecting walls and in the monumental works of high quality’s covering, where the work’s visibility has not to be filtered through elements that can reduce the use in its complex.
In this all-glass system, the vertical bearing elements are in stratified glass, composed by 3 (or more) tempered HTS slabs, 12 millimetres thick, united to each other from SentryGlas Plus (SGP) 1,52 millimetres thick.

The angle bars, in “L” form (with an hole into the orthogonal side of the vertical slabs, are, in the factory, pre-assembled with the beams, using a SGP layer.
The SentryGlas Plus is an innovative material for the high-resistance union of the glazing slabs, and it’s already used in the glasses structural systems.
The wall slabs have 7 centimetres wide holes, from the vertical border. These holes don’ùt pass through the more external glass slab, so the façade’s continuity is guaranteed.
The holes are necessary for the insertion of the special, mechanical, metallic, sliding, and stainless steel fasteners. The slabs are then catch to the vertical bearing “fins” through glazing plates in “L”form.