Specialistic consultancy on facades of Hafner Service srl’s head offices in Bolzano

Technical investigations on the facades of the Volksbank s.p.a. in Bolzano
21 December 2020
Laboratory test – CE mark
4 May 2019

Hafner Service srl

The tower of the Hafner Service srl head offices is located near the Bolzano Sud’s highway exit and is characterized by a triangular building with double skin facades and a large external canopy with photovoltaic panels.
The external skin is characterized by a monolithic glass facade 12 millimeters (around 0,5 inches) thick with a heat treatment.
The glasses have a 1.5 meters (around 5 feet) module and an inter-floor height, fixed on a tubular structure by means of 6 point fixings for each sheet to counteract the wind loads, of which the upper two were provided for the suspension of the sheet.

In particular, the assignment concerned:
  • The inspections and surveys of non-compliance with photographic reports
  • The static checks of critical areas and analysis of the deformations of the glass
  • The hypothesis of possible solutions for putting the works in conformity