Laboratory test – CE mark

Controls and in-site testings
4 May 2019
Technical investigations on the facades of the Volksbank s.p.a. in Bolzano
21 December 2020

The Studio Cattivelli/Scai Tech deals with the quality control and the verification of the specifications planned in the Tender, about works in approval step, particularly about the Custom systems during the components’ production and the assemblies in factory, until the initial tests’ execution.
With this intention, our Studio takes part in the approval activities of the façade’s systems, before the production, to guarantee the performances of the systems, with the CE mark.
The Custom systems for the facades, require for the extrusions of new profiles and not-standard works, so, to satisfy the requests of the 305/2011 European Regulation and the CE mark, processes ISO 9001 are essential, and they have to be personalised for the site’s system.

A very important operation in “Tailor Made” systems is the execution of the tests’ procedures, to verify the performances required from the Tender; our Studio takes care of the requirements for the samples’ execution. The Studio also coordinates the laboratory of the tests.
Equally important is the approval by the Art Direction of the Custom systems; our Studio handles the Tender and the Visual Mock-up during their drafting identifying the composition and following the manufacturing controls, until the Art Direction’s approval.