Treptow Tower – Berlin

Porta Nuova Varesine – Milan
4 May 2019

Roland Ernst


Bilfinger - Berger


Faber Gmbh


Coopsette Scarl – Giuliani Infissi

The building’s intervention, in Treptow (Berlin), leaned over the Spee river, is composed by 2 twin towers (60 metres high) and by 2 courts with squared basis. The external parts have been realized with different systems of continuous facades (15000 square metres in total).

Fausto Cattivelli Engineer, as technical supervisor of the Faber Bau Society) has coordinated the several activities of the constructive project (from the project to the production and to the laying) and he has also coordinated the approvals about the permits for the “New Technique” used for the structural facades in the courts’ entrances.