What’s What establishment – Pistoia (Italy)

Twin Set – Carpi (Italy)
4 May 2019

What’s What


Antonio Marcon


Berti SCL

Facade builder:

Berti SCL, Venezia

This is a covering structure in lenticular section, composed of 2 opposed facades which realize a double-skin façade, conceived with specific materials for the perfect preservation of the visual comfort and for the perfect regulation of the temperature and the humidity of the spaces below.
The glasses are pointed fixed using special disc supports on the slabs’ tops. Scai Tech has engineered and sized the several parts.

The external skin’s glass is a tempered, stratified double insulating glass and it has a chamber with an interlayer of fibreglass and with a capillary sheet used for the necessary diffusion of the sunlight and the thermal insulation. The internal glass is stratified and tempered in 8.8.4.
The inner lens (composed by the 2 facades described above) realizes an “active” ventilated chamber and it is equipped with special dimpled folding panels, to permit the maintenance and the cleaning of the glasses into the lens.