Museion (Cladding) – Bolzen

Chiesi Farmaceutica – Parma
4 May 2019
Ospedale del Bambino (Children Hospital) – Parma
4 May 2019

Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano


KSV - Krüger Schubert Vandreike, Berlino


Vega Systems srl, Padernello di Paese (TV)


Athesis soc. cons. a RL, Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)

In the Museion intervention, wide surfaces are planned with aired coatings with external finishings made with extruded slats in oxidized steel. They are realized just for this intervention.
The surface are also planned with a light metal substructure for supporting, and with a thermal insulating coating fixed to the main façade. The horizontally slats have an external surface, lined with special “ridges and depressions”, diversified in deep and distance; the special estruses unite to each other with a free expansion coupling and with an antivibration system. The slats union, realizes shutters in different amplitude for remarking the horizontally coating.

Scai-Tech gives its engineering competences to the winner of The Public Ban (Athesis Consortium) and it has coordinated the constructive project for the realization of the work.