“Insula dei Fuggiaschi” in Pompeii

Ex Azzolin‘s area in Marostica’s historic center
12 February 2021

Archaeological Superintendency of Pompeii

Coordination by research line of the MiBACT’s Ministry:

Consorzio Corarc


C.S.T. s.r.l.

Protection works with non-invasive structures of the new excavation’s area of ​​Pompeii Regio I Insula 22, defined "Insula dei Fuggiaschi", which collects the casts of a group of 9 “fugitives” returned to an environment used as a deposit for foodstuffs, lying on a layer of lapillus about 1.80 meters (around 5,9 feet) high from the floor after the historic eruption of Vesuvius.

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage has commissioned the Consorzio Corarc to carry out a research line for the safety structures of the new sites with the purpose of allowing the public to visit on guided routes at high altitude, through works that can be manually transportable and are easy to combine and reuse.
Materials of maximum lightness were used made with structural segments assembled during installation, reinforced with stainless steel cables.
The load-bearing elements were designed with special emptying ballast which are not anchored to the foundations.

The design and construction supervision task was assigned to Studio Cattivelli’s engineer Fausto, who designed the innovative system of structures and coordinated all on-site activities during the works of the Palermo Metallurgica 2000 contractor. The research line aims to carry out structures to protect museum areas directly on the archaeological site’s ground.

The visual transparency and the minimum impact of the prototype is obtained with both vertical infills and laminated glass covered with plastics to completely abate the ultraviolet rays.